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St. Thomas
Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix those are the three major US Virgin Islands.

Virgin Gorda and Tortola are the two major islands in the British Virgin chain of Islands.

The other smaller and quainter ones are Jost Van Dyke, Ginger, Cooper, Salt, Peter and Norman.

These volcanic islands that make up the Virgin Islands are one of the most popular destinations for yacht charters worldwide, as they offer superb snorkeling and diving, great sailing, and a variety of islands to explore. In contrast to the bustling U.S. Virgin Islands, are the low-key British Virgin Islands!.

Centuries has past when pirates battled for the spoils of a conquered galleon, now sip lightly at the evening's libation of rum and tropical juice to find yourself anchored out in one of the many turquoise bays of the Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, at the high point of the curving archipelago that swings from Trinidad to Florida. When it comes to Yacht charter in the Caribbean, there is nowhere better than the Virgin Islands BVI. It is one of the finest and safest yacht charter areas in the world with steady trade winds, plenty of sunshine year round and numerous sheltered harbors. The quiet coves where Drake, Columbus and Blackbeard used to anchor are once more havens for fleets of sailing vessels and the modern adventurers who come to explore the Virgin Islands. For those seeking to get away from it all, this is the place: there is no golf, no gambling, no major entertainment center, only sailing in the water with others seeking the same relaxing enjoyment, with charming local bars and restaurants on the various islands to share the passion.

There is a deep sense of peace in the Virgin Islands one finds hard to forget, which keeps bringing the same people back over and over again. The waters are superb for swimming, snorkeling, diving and yacht charter. Most of the Virgin Islands have a volcanic origin which gives character to the terrain.

The US Virgin Islands are a cluster of over 50 islands, 1,100 miles southeast of Miami. Surrounded by warm tropical waters, the US Virgin Islands are a natural choice for anyone who loves to get their feet wet. Every day brings yet another exciting water adventure, whether down in the depths, skimming the surface or lounging on the shore.

St Croix The Capital of the Virgin Islands, these islands ones belonged to Denmark but was sold to the United States in 1925.

St Thomas with its great bays, powdery white beaches, towering green hills, cosmopolitan lifestyle and unsurpassed shopping, this is St Thomas. A natural deep-water port, it has one of the most stunningly beautiful harbors in the world.

St John is the smallest and most enchanting of the three US Virgin Islands. The majority of its verdant hills and sun drenched beaches are preserved as a National Park. St John is a non-commercial, low key Treasure Island with tranquil beaches, sleepy lagoons, underwater coral gardens, scenic roads, well maintained walking trails, lush foliage and fascinating plantation ruins.

St Croix Gentle terrain, romantic vistas, lush rolling hills, Old Danish towns, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, this is St Croix.

BVI Yacht Charter.

One of our most popular charters, however, has proven to be the BVI yacht charter. This has become a favorite location because of its wide variety of diving options and beautiful underwater scenery. This location is cluster of over 60 islands, including Tortola; Virgin Gorda; Jost van Dyke and Anegada, which have formed a formed a ring around Sir Francis Drake Channel creating a shelter of secluded coves and beaches.

Because the BVI stretches out for over 70 miles, holiday makers who charter a BVI yacht are treated to a wide variety of diving sites with extraordinary views. The clear water of the Sir Francis Drake channel offers divers outstanding underwater visibility (up to 100 feet underwater) while the conservation efforts of the National Parks Trust and the Ministry of Natural Resources have ensured that holidaymakers get to experience the best that nature has to offer. This destination offers reefs, coral pinnacles, underwater caves, canyons, lava tunnels and grottoes. The ocean wildlife, which also include octopus; barracuda; golden moray eels and spiny lobster, also offer great opportunities for underwater photography. The diversity of the BVI diving sites suitable for both experienced and inexperienced divers, and is great location to complete your diving certification process. A BVI yacht charter is a great way to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings safely and comfortably.

Chartering your own yacht for vacation allows you to visit as many of these sites as you like. Furthermore, because you get a crew that does all the work you get to fully experience all that these sites have to offer. The experience of our crew will allow you to visit the best sites, while the presence of an experienced diver will give you the security that you need to enjoy your adventures without casualties

USA - British Virgin Islands (St. Thomas - BVI)

Day 1: From the St Thomas airport, it's a short ride to the capitol city, Charlotte Amalie. Wander the shops and galleries or escape to world-famous Megan's Bay Beach.

Day 2: Cruise to the turquoise water of St. John's famous Caneel Bay to explore this island's white sand beaches or tour the velvety green hills by jeep. Later, cruise to a peaceful bay on Norman Island, Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Treasure Island," just in time to dine alfresco and toast the spectacular sunset.

Day 3: Today it's on to Peter Island for a private beach picnic and the inevitable nap. Later, dive for sand dollars and visit White Bay to spot endangered sea turtles feeding on the sea grass. For that shopping, explore the boutique at the exclusive Peter Island Resort.

Day 4: On tiny unspoiled Cooper Island you can swim among turtle grass spotting live conch. Crossing Sir Francis Drake's Channel our destination is the famous Baths at Virgin Gorda.

Day 5: Rendezvous-diving the wreck of the Rhone is an experience not to miss. Later, cruise to the north tip of Virgin Gorda and the exclusive Bitter End Yacht Club, where you can shop, learn to windsurf, dance to the local steel pan music or just simply stretch out and relax.

Day 6: The quaint village streets of Road Town offer the experience to learn more about the colorful West Indian culture. Cruising the north shore of Tortola you hear the distinct beat of Reggae beckoning you to join the nightlife at Cane Garden Bay.


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