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Archipiélago de Los Roques

A relatively new and exciting cruising area.

Venezuela is famed for its many virgin islands and real European culture including underwater beauty in the Islands of Los Roques.

Fly into Caracas where you will board an small plane taking you to Los Roques, a virgin archipelago where you find an unbelievable nature and crystal clear waters.

Venezuela (terra de gracia as Columbus named her) is one of the largest countries in South America bordering the Caribbean Sea between Colombia and Guyana. With more than 2000 kms of coasts on the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela and its archipelagos have a lot of secret spots with white sandy beaches, coconut palms and an underwater world that is home to five hundred species of fish and hundreds of different corals surround the thousands of mostly deserted islands.

In Venezuela, chartering a boat has two requirements:

The yacht should have the Venezuelan flag.

A Venezuelan Captain onboard.

Therefore in this moment you can only charter a crewed charter boat.

Venezuela is not well charted as the eastern Caribbean. That's another reason it is a good idea to have your own captain and cook, and it is not so expensive as you might think.

There are two main cruising grounds in Venezuela. Your sailing areas are:

Los Roques: A half hour flight from the international airport of Caracas to Gran Roque. Gran Roque are the only inhabited islands at the west of the offshore islands (except some fishermen on some islands) and the cruising area incorporates Los Roques and Las Aves archipelago if you stay more than 2 weeks.

Puerto La Cruz: at the east of the northern coast, CMO is the center of yachting in Venezuela. You can easily fly from Caracas or Margarita to Barcelona Airport, 20 minutes from CMO. There are over than 6 marinas and you can find all the services for your yacht. The coast and offshore islands includes the Mochima National Park.

The sailing area from Puerto La Cruz to Grenada included La Tortuga, La Blanquilla, Margarita, Mochima national Park, Los Testigos.

Caracas (The new an modern Simon Bolivar airport) Maiquetia International Airport (CCS). The airport is situated 12 miles (20km) north of Caracas. Flights from Europe, USA, Canada and South America are available every day. The domestic airport is just located 250 meters from the international one.

Venezuela's northern coast and the surrounding islands have a tropical climate and experiences only two seasons, a dry season from December to May, and the rainy season from June to November (however, on the islands, rains are very rare).

The offshore islands, from Bonaire to Los Testigos in a regular trade winds belt northeast-southeast blowing between 15 and 30 knots.

Along the coast the wind varies in direction, generally often blowing hard during the days and dies at night.

A westerly setting current flows throughout the area.

The whole area is considered to be out of the hurricane belt, which is why many people visit specially Los Roques in the summer.

Diving and snorkeling is amazing with brilliantly colored coral and reef fish.

Whale Sharks and dolphins can be seen off the Venezuelan coasts. There are also lots of Marlins from May to September in the aera of La Guaira.

For Bone Fishing you find one of the best spots in Los Roques in the World. Spear fishing is forbidden in Blanquilla, Los Testigos and Los Roques.

Everywhere you will meet sympatric and helpful people. The Venezuelan coast reveals a succession of islands and wild coves each different from the other and is proud of Margarita, the capital of duty free and night life.

Los Roques 7 days charter..

Day 1: Arriving at the Caracas airport in Maiquetia, Over driver will assist you in the airport waveing abanner with your name on it when you arrive, helping you with your luggage he will drive you to the Marina (30 min.) where the your boat and Captain is waitng for you you. After having a welcome cocktail and a short rest you will set sail for Los Roques. (overnight sailing).

Day 2: Arriving at Los Roques at the Islands of Dos Mosquises early in the morning you will enjoy a nice breakfast. Here you will enjoy some of the last Virgin nature in the Carribean still left.

After lunch you will set sail for Cayo de aqua where you will anchor overnight.

During the night there might be a chance to see Turtles laying eggs..

Day 3: After the breakfast you will sail to Carenero, where you will find one of the nices anchorages in all of the Caribbean (according to Donald Street)

Here you will stay for the night.

Day 4: After breakfast you will sail to Sarkey Island where you will spend the whole day and night in a very beautiful bay with a very nice coral reef just next to the. Sunset and dinner at a glance.

Day 5: Early In the morning you will leave for Craski, it is the longest sail you will have in Los roques (3 hours) and the best one, with small waves and an impressive scenery, around miday you arrive at Craski where you will eat freash fish at a fishermans house (cooked in the traditional way). Later on your Captain will take you fishing with the dinghy.

Day 6: Leaving for Gran Roque (the only island where there are people living permanently) Shopping will be possible here.

After lunch you will leave for the Island of Franciski where you will stay overnight.

Day 7: Returning back to Caracas in the morning at 10.30 where you will catch you international flight back home. Our driver will take care of you when you arrive in the airport.

This Charter is for 2 – 6 persons at a price of $1200 per day paying in exclusive for the boat. (Sailboat Synergy) Hunter 41.


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