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If you are thinking of seeing places in northern America through the sea then you must try our Alaska Yacht Charter and fishing tours to make your trip worthwhile. With boats that are well serviced to give you the peace of mind that will help you enjoy your trip, your journey will be filled with happy moments. Sharing your vacation is very gratifying because you get to enjoy nature with loved ones or colleagues.

For work purposes, entertaining clients, or spending time friends and family or that special someone in your life, our Alaska Yacht Charter is ideal for your purposes. Whether you have a small group or a large group of people for the trip we will provide you with a boat that will suit your group.

Everyone will be able to travel in comfort on our boats because we ensure that you get the right size boat for your needs. We also have options that differ to suit the purpose of your trip and the requirements that you may have for your trip. Traveling in comfort is what you will experience with our Alaska Yacht Charter because enjoying your trip is as important to us as much as it is to you.

So if you have always wanted to see beautiful Alaska in its entire splendor, then taking a trip through the sea is your best option. We have the right boat that will offer you the comfort, the luxury and the peace of mind that you need during the trip. You will enjoy the beauty of the places that you will see throughout the journey. Cost effective traveling: Even if you will travel in luxury you ill be able to it at a very reasonable price.

So other than the best Alaska Yacht Charter you will also get a great deal that you will find hard to get else where. The service that we offer is run by a well experienced team who served in the business for years before settling to run this service. So when you have a special request it will be well taken care of because you will be dealing with the best in the business. Groups that are small or big are well catered for with us.

Your party is priority: You needs come first with us because we are here to serve you better. So if you have any questions that will help you with making your decision we will answer any question that you may have and we will also provide you with all the information that you need. If you are unsure of the best option to take for the Alaska Yacht Charter we will advice you on what will suit your group’s needs ensuring that you get what you need for your journey.

So if you want companies that will give you a well serviced boat that will offer you comfort then look no further.

Southeast Alaska.

Day 1: Board your yacht in Juneau, the state's capital. This is an interesting city to tour, nestled right at the foot of spectacular mountains. Day 2.

A half-day's cruise brings you to Glacier Bay, a national park where the number of visitors is tightly controlled. In addition to glaciers, you will see bears, seals and sea lions, eagles, and humpback and killer whales.

Day 3: A short day's cruise will put the yacht at the fantastic fjord know as Tracy's Arm. We'll likely see glaciers "calving" icebergs and lots of black bears at water's edge.

Day 4: Timing the tides, cross Ford's Terror and pass into a beautiful inlet for salmon and halibut fishing.

Day 5: Heading south down Stephen's Passage you'll see more whales than you can count today as this area is one of their favorite feeding grounds.

Day 6: A final night's anchorage along Chatham Sound brings you as close to nature as possible. From Chatham Sound, it is a short return passage to Juneau.


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