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The Gold and sunshine coast - the names alone inspire a journey to Australia's eastern shores. From Cairns in the north you can access the Great Barrier Reef (largest in the world), numerous sand keys, and islands. Spectacular diving and snorkeling reveal the magical underwater world of corals, fish and other colorful sea-life throughout the Whitsunday islands. Tropical rainforests provide an alternative to the beaches, and offer a glimpse of some of Australia's unique wildlife. To get a taste of the metropolitan atmosphere, tarry in Brisbane or Sydney, where energy and culture glow from the impressive skylines. Find the perfect blend of first-world amenities within the tropical splendor of the South Pacific aboard a yacht in Australia.

Whitsunday Yacht Charter:

The Whitsunday Islands features crystal clear waters that are full of fish such as Dorado's, Mackerel, Queen fish, Trevally and other exotic species. The islands are remnants of a coastal range which was submerged when sea levels rose at the end of the ice age and now form the largest offshore island chain on the Australian east coast. Fringing coral cays surround many of the Whitsundays.

The Whitsundays lie on the Queensland coast on Australia's eastern seaboard, northeast of Mackay. While weather can vary, March to May brings the strongest winds, August and September are the driest months, and the wet season is generally January to March. With 74 islands in the chain, only six of which are inhabited, the Whitsundays offers everything from secluded anchorages to the nightlife of an international resort. A short 2 hour flight north from Sydney brings you to Hamilton Island in the heart of the Whitsundays. Qantas offers direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane.

Most of the islands here are National Parks. A 21000 square mile marine park stretches from around Sarina in the south to Cape Upstart to the north. Originally named the Cumberland and Northumberland Island groups by James Cook, these islands have become well known as the Whitsunday Islands since the famous Captain named this area the Whitsunday Passage. The Whitsundays, with its safe anchorages and coves, and sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, is one of the worlds finest cruising areas and will for sure capture your heart and imagination.

Kimberly Yacht Charters (the Great Barrier Reef Yacht Charter)

The spectacular and rugged coast of Kimberley Australia's north-west is truly one of the world's last great and forgotten wilderness areas. Remote and defiant, her many secrets have been kept from us all.

Stretches of rusty cliffs are punctuated by plunging waterfalls and lush patches of tropical rainforest. Countless fresh water creeks soothe the thirsty landscape, where a refreshing swim in your own secluded spa-pool is a moment to be savored for life. Watchful crocodiles rule the mangroves where eagles, jabiru and kingfishers fly. Massive seabird colonies thrive in splendid isolation and thousands of nesting sea turtles landscape the beaches of offshore islands. Wise, reticent Boab trees stand guard throughout the landscape, giving the still bush its personality.

For the fisherman, the sea is alive with opportunity. Prized Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Spanish Mackerel are prolific and the catch of the day has never tasted better than with a side of freshly caught Kimberley mud crabs and juicy black-lipped oysters. Hike up to an inland waterfall, take a thrilling helicopter flight to a secret oasis, shoot the tidal rapids in our trusty tenders or just relax with a drink on the bow and take in the glorious scenery.

Cairns to Thursday Island Yacht Charter

Board your luxury yacht in the tropical Cairns for a midday departure. We cast off and cruise North along the Marlin Coast, where lush, rainforest-clad ranges and chalky white beaches dominate the scenery. Settle in to your luxurious surroundings as your friendly crew prepare you for the adventures ahead.

Day 1: Awake at anchor amid the turquoise waters of the famous Lizard Island. Hike to the top of Cook's Look for an inspirational view over the island group and surrounding reef. Snorkel off the pristine sands of Watson's beach, over the clam gardens and coral reef. Visit the historical ruins of Watson's cottage or the world-class Research Station. Fish, dive, beach-comb, or just relax and enjoy the heavenly tropical setting.

Day 2: Cruise the rugged coast of Cape Melville, with jumbled boulders and pure silica sand dunes, before embarking on a rainforest walk through virgin Cape York forest and outcrops of rare foxtail palms. Visit an historical monument or go birding with a local rainforest guide. Reposition to the Flinders Island group over lunch. Explore the many islands by tender and visit significant historical and aboriginal sites, set amid the imposing, rugged scenery of the area.

Day 3: Stanley Island is home to some of the most vibrant and intriguing examples of Aboriginal rock art on the Australian East coast. View the stunning cave paintings of the famous Endaen and Ship shelters, learn about bush tucker, shell middens and plant toxins during leisurely bush walks and photograph the island's stunning geological formations.

In the afternoon, we cruise out to Davey Reef sand cay. This extensive, vegetated sand cay is home to a variety of nesting seabirds. Snorkel and dive with harmless reef sharks, turtles and a shimmering collage of colorful reef fish and coral of every imaginable shape. Enjoy a spot of fishing along the reef edge or examine a decaying shipwreck.

Day 4: Explore, snorkel and dive the magnificent chain of ribbon reefs and their associated sand cays, unique to the northern Great Barrier Reef. Clear waters, spectacular marine life and sheer coral walls characterize this elongate, reef complex. Claim your own private sand cay for a picnic lunch or champagne at sunset.

Day 5: Portland Roads is an interesting outpost of civilization. Visit an alternative settlement, and experience the charm of this unique community. A variety of other activities are available in this area, including island visits, rainforest / wildlife excursions and fishing.

Day 6: Today, we enjoy the palm-fringed beaches and surrounds of picturesque Forbes Island. Snorkel and dive along the edge of the fringing reef, as your knowledgeable Divemaster points out huge, colorful giant clams or fish cleaning stations! Visit a mysterious settler's grave amid a former coconut plantation, cruise or fish the satellite islands of the group or just relax aboard the ship and take in the scenery from the top deck.

Day 7: Boydong Cays, Escape River and Cape York. Explore an extensive and remarkable sand cay system, visit the Escape River Pearl farm, fish for barramundi, and keep an eye out for the salt water crocodiles of the area. Traverse the scenic Albany Passage en route to Cape York for a sunset landing at the northernmost point of the Australian mainland.

Day 8: Torres Strait. Cruise the far flung and seldom explored islands of this famous Strait. Your options here are many: visit isolated island communities, learn about local culture, foods and traditional practices, snorkel and fish the pristine waters. The cultures of Australia's Islander communities are an intriguing mix of Australian Aborigine and New Guinea influences.

Day 9: Thursday Island. Take in the charm and history of this northern melting pot. Wander the community, shop for unique artifacts, visit historical sites, the museum, or have a counter meal at Australia's northernmost pub! Thrill to an energetic and colorful cultural performance by the local school children. Cruise among pearl farms and view unique tidal phenomena.

Day 10: Say Farewell and disembark midday for Horn Island and a flight back to Cairns.



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